This handy side mount patch panel allows you to have all cables going in/out of one location on your board. Featuring locking jacks so cables cannot accidently be pulled out.


Compatible with most slanted pedalboards and newer Pedaltrain models with standard feet. Please check the clearance on your board using the measurements below. Also available in a 4-port version.


  • 2 x Female to Female 1/4" Solderless Locking Jacks
  • TRS/TS Compatible
  • Supplied with self tapping mounting screws
  • 2-Port Panel - (W)60mm (H) 35mm (D)90mm
  • 4-Port Panel - (W)117mm (H)35mm (D)90mm



  1. Using the bracket as a template for spacing, mark and drill the bracket mounting holes into the pedalboard using a 3mm drill bit.
  2. Attach the bracket to the board using the supplied self tapping scews.
  3. Insert the connectors and scew into the bracket using the supplied screws.