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learn to build your own effects pedal online!

So, some of you may have seen a while ago we announced that we were going to be running some pedal building workshops....COVID had other ideas and has temporarily put a stop to this plan. However, pedal enthusiasts, FEAR NOT!

Alongside some of the finest UK pedal building talent (Alex Millar - Zander Circuitry, Stuart Tate - Tate FX and
Neil Grimes - NRG Effects) we are currently developing a way to take this course online, allowing you to join a virtual workshop and get building pedals!

Once you sign up, we will ship you out the pedal in kit form. You will then join us on the build day via Zoom, in small classes of limited numbers, to build along under the expert instruction of the pedal maker. The workshop will cover everything from the electrical components and their functions to populating and soldering PCBs and the final assembly and testing of the pedal.

You just need to have your own soldering iron and some other basic tools and equipment.

We have some more work and testing to do before we announce any dates, but expect the first workshop to be taught by Zander Circuitry (specific course and pricing information coming soon).

If you have any questions or would like to register interest, please email:

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